Borle Systems

Information and Communications Technology

Consulting and Services

Business Development and Project Management

Business Development: Assist small and medium size companies in Western Canada that are commercializing innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to help them plan and carry out development projects, find partners, develop collaborative relationships, engage R&D if needed, and leverage government funding and programs.

Program/Project Management: Manage a portfolio of large and small programs/projects including project planning, engaging participants, budgeting, contract agreement preparation, project oversight, funding/expense tracking and accounting processes.

ICT Research, Engineering and Design

Technology Strategy: Broad knowledge of telecom and internet industry technology ecosystems, trends and drivers. Assist companies in the development of their ICT technology adoption/evolution strategies.

Research and Development: Aware of topics and trends in Telecom and Internet R&D. Experienced in developing collaborative R&D relationships between companies, universities and government.

Network Architecture and Systems Engineering: Contributed to the development of networks and systems from concept to architecture to engineering to design.

Leadership and Mentoring

Leadership and Mentoring: Experienced with leading project teams. Experienced with attracting, hiring, managing, mentoring and retaining new graduate engineers.